Who we are

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The Dyson Institute is a pioneering higher education model, offering an alternative – and we believe, better – choice to traditional university provision. Our unique approach combines rigorous academic programmes with hands-on work on future Dyson products and real responsibility from day one.

Enhanced by our proactive approach to development and support, the Dyson Institute is creating talented engineers and future leaders who are making significant contributions to Dyson’s technologies and culture.

Our Vision is to develop the best engineers in the world who will pioneer technologies and radical new designs that shape the future of engineering and innovation.

Our Mission is to support Dyson by combining rigorous academic programmes with work on revolutionary future products, advancing technology globally through ground-breaking research and the development of engineering leaders.

Our values

Determined to become No. 1 in everything we do.


Never stand still.

Never stand still.

We are not restricted by conventional thinking. It takes all kinds of minds to forge a different path. Experts in engineering education, unafraid to challenge tradition in order to stay ahead.

We are brave explorers, curious and excited by the unknown. We embrace experimentation, always learning and developing.


Never stop innovating.

Never stop innovating.

We embrace ingenious thinking to find radical solutions, always pursuing progress. We don’t copy what other people do. We pioneer.

We discover and learn for ourselves to form new ideas and approaches, never afraid to step into the unknown. We are proud to be trailblazers, forging a path for others to follow.


Never be satisfied.

Never be satisfied.

We believe the best can always be made better. We are never willing to
compromise or settle for “good enough”. Instead, we challenge ourselves to find improvement.

By continuously iterating and refining, we design educational approaches that are different and better.


Never give up.

Never give up.

Driven by our authentic desire to develop the best engineers in the world, we dare to think differently and turn challenges into opportunities.

The journey isn’t always easy, but we push ourselves forward, knowing that the best solutions are often the hardest to find. When we encounter problems, we think of creative ways to solve them.