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Dyson is a research leader, not only employing hundreds of its own researchers but engaging in research partnerships with universities across the UK. A £2.75 billion company investment plan is supporting research in the fields of robotics, next generation motor technology, intelligent products, machine learning, connectivity, material science and solid-state battery technology.

At the Dyson Institute we’re developing our academic research capabilities to complement and enhance Dyson's research, supporting the currency of academic knowledge, developing new pathways for student progression and creating an environment that encourages knowledge sharing and generation.

We will embark on the journey to Research Degree Awarding Powers in 2024, which will enable us to offer opportunities to pursue doctoral level study in partnership with UK Universities in a unique environment of seamless integration between academia and industry.

The Dyson Institute is in a unique position to conduct multi-disciplinary, applied and specialist research, closely linked to Dyson with its world class research facilities and people. Our strategy in the Dyson institute is to deliver innovative research and approaches, undertake authentic, relevant, and challenging research activities, and provide a positive and inclusive research environment.

Prof. Peter Wilson
Deputy Director of Academics