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Congratulations to the class of 2023

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James Dyson announces next step in plan for the Dyson Institute

Six years after James Dyson founded the Dyson Institute, it announces it will offer a Master of Engineering to all future Undergraduate Engineers. It has also launched a new conversion course MSc in Software Engineering, open to any graduate of any other discipline.

November 2023
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Dyson Institute Graduates test the Dyson Zone

Our third cohort of graduates took on a fun challenge to put the noise cancelling abilities of our Dyson Zone™ headphones to the test.

October 2023
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Trustworthy Swarms

Our Robotics & Control Lecturer shares details of a paper published in collaboration with the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Functionality Node at Bristol University about the societal perception of Swarms of Robots, their inherent properties, and design decisions that can be made to enhance trust in swarm systems.

July 2023
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UK Acoustofluidics Special Interest Group

Learn more about what happened when the Dyson Institute hosted the 10th Acoustofluidics Special Interest Group in the UK.

June 2023
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Graduation 2022

The second cohort of Undergraduate Engineers complete their four-year degree apprenticeship programme.

October 2022
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The inaugural Dyson Institute graduation

James Dyson speaking at first ever Dyson Institute graduation: “Be bold, be radical. The world needs radicals”.

September 2021
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A new engineering education

James Dyson shares the news that the Dyson Institute has been given Degree Awarding Powers from the Office for Students - a major milestone in the journey of the Dyson Institute.

By James Dyson , Founder
August 2021

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