Workplace rotations

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Across the two-year programme you'll have three rotations across different areas of Dyson's global software engineering teams. These rotations allow you to apply your academic learning onto real software problems whilst getting a better understanding of the wealth of career opportunities available to you at Dyson.

Areas of software

Our diverse embedded software teams transform product vision into reality by developing the software that sits across a broad range of intelligent Dyson machines. In an agile mindset across all the embedded teams, they harness clever development techniques such as platforming, test automation and metrication to rapidly and reliably achieve quality software solutions. The teams are involved in fundamental architectural design at the embedded layer for each Dyson product.

Our mobile apps teams bring cutting edge ways of customising and interacting with Dyson machines and help translate rich data into clear insights that benefit our owners. Operating in scrums, our teams are made up of Mobile Developers, Test Automation Engineers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners. We adapt and evolve to incorporate new development techniques such as pair programming, reactive programming, and test-driven development. Not everyone holds a computer science degree – our people are diverse, dynamic, and importantly, innovative.

The intelligent machines team sits at the bleeding edge of Dyson’s rapidly advancing robotics technology. They are a hundred-strong team featuring some of Dyson’s brightest engineers and scientists – comprising of Software Architects and Engineers, Algorithm Engineers, Product Managers, Product Owners, Release Train Engineers, Scrum Masters. Adopting SAFe, their work includes vision systems, robotics platform software in a Linux environment and machine learning software, spanning robotics algorithm exploration such as SLAM and robotics behavioural development adding intelligence to our Dyson products.

The cloud team at Dyson drives the development of the Dyson Link Cloud, which provides millions of Dyson owners with an intuitive smart home connected experience. Dyson’s connected services feature best-in-class reliability, intelligent automation, and supports ML based algorithms. This enables features such as smart notifications and voice control over industry-leading smart home technologies. Our Cloud Engineers are flexible, independent and innovative. Working in international scrum teams within a DevOps model, they deliver on services ranging from design to production release and support.

Dyson's software system test & software quality assurance teams are responsible for the verification of software customer features and software systems that sit across all Dyson machines. Harnessing a wide range of software or hardware tools across multiple platforms to develop test scripts in various programming languages such as Python and C/C++, they drive and pioneer diverse sets of automated tests to ensure new features are robust and perform well. The team also advocates for continuous improvement in software at Dyson, ensuring software development activities comply with required industry and regulatory & standards.

Situated across the United Kingdom, Malaysia and the Philippines, the Dyson tools & process teams play a pivotal role in defining and developing software solutions for Dyson’s tools and services within our Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline. They support our Agile Release Trains (ARTs) with day to day requests and enable our software developers to build and deliver world class software for our machines. They also shape organisational thinking and drive integration of SAFe ways of working into Dyson’s overall product delivery strategy.

Dyson's new technology is advancing at speed. Network-based robotics and intelligent sensing technologies, all enabled by advanced software and app platforms, are all cementing Dyson's place as a pioneering global technology enterprise.