Driving fairness in recruitment

Having recently opened applications for our newly launched MEng employer-sponsored degree for September 2024 entry, we lay down yet another milestone in Dyson Institute’s vision ‘to develop the best engineers in the world who will pioneer technologies and radical new designs that shape the future of engineering and innovation’. Developing, nurturing and supporting this future talent isn’t just something that starts on day one of the programme, it is part of everything we do – including our application process. We believe applicants should feel supported to reach their full potential and their background shouldn’t impact progression. That’s why we strive to provide a supportive, inclusive and personalised applicant journey in order to recruit the highest potential engineers of the future. 

So how do we do that? 

We choose not to follow the status-quo. In a change to previous years, we no longer require either a CV or Personal Statement from any applicant, recognising that these are potentially unfair screening tools for applicants from different backgrounds. This also enables more applicants to progress through to complete our online assessments, giving them a better opportunity to showcase their technical ability and other key strengths required for this programme. 

It starts from the initial application.

At the point of application, we ask all applicants to answer a broad range of questions about their background, providing a detailed picture of the context from which they are applying. This information is then used to determine whether an individual may be eligible for contextual admissions support – an additional layer of support available to eligible applicants that supports them to achieve to their potential and not be limited by their circumstances. This information is not used to make assessment decisions. 

Group coaching  

 We offer eligible applicants a group coaching session with a member of our team. The purpose of this session is to provide specific guidance for elements of the online assessments and give applicants an opportunity to boost their confidence by learning and practicing in a group context. We hope these sessions will enable applicants to showcase their true potential in the assessments. 

One to one conversations 

Secondly, we are then able to offer successful applicants an individual preparatory call ahead of the assessment day. This is an opportunity to review and reflect on the online assessments, showing the applicant where they performed well as well as drawing out any potential development points. Furthermore, we also discuss the upcoming assessment day with each applicant to ensure they are fully prepared, including the opportunity to answer some mock interview questions. 

Having received free school meals whilst at school I was eligible to receive contextual admissions support. I was briefed on what to expect at each stage of the application process and advised on how to prepare and present my answers. Before my online and in-person interviews, I had a video chat with a member staff who provided me with really targeted advice on how best to answer the questions, the skills to demonstrate, and general advice on what to expect. I found the calls super helpful, particularly the information on what the interviewers were looking for, and how to answer the questions fully to really show my experience and skills.

The team were so helpful and reassuring – it really boosted my confidence going into each stage. The admissions process was not the scary and daunting process that I had been expecting. Instead, the contextual support put me at ease and helped me to perform to the best of my ability. I found the whole experience really enjoyable and am incredibly grateful for the guidance I received as it definitely helped me to secure my place.

Current Undergraduate Engineer
Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology

Last year, we saw the positive impact of how this additional layer of support brought about greater equity and fairness to our admissions process, ensuring we recruit the highest potential individuals into the Dyson Institute.

Applications are open until January 28th 2024.

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