11th Special Interest Group (SIG) in Acoustofluidics

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This year, the acoustofluidics SIG meeting will focus on discussing new topics of acoustofluidics and also provide a platform for early career researchers to present their latest results/findings around the theme of novel future applications of acoustofluidics. We will award the best presentation and poster.

We will aim to:

  • Have a few sessions on key topics of acoustofluidics with the keynote speakers.
  • Explore interests and opportunities in the applications of acoustofluidics around four proposed sub-themes of ‘Cell/particle manipulation and principles, ‘droplets, surfaces and transportations’, ‘liquid atomisation and drug delivery systems’ and ‘Tissue engineering and biomedicine’.
  • Explore the potential application of acousofluidics in wearable sensors and lab-on-chip applications.
  • Exchange on the different routes and challenges to enable impact in research on acoustofluidics

This SIG will take place at the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology Campus in Malmesbury, located in the heart of Dyson Technology, on June 21, 2024. Feel free to join us in person or online.

Please note that registration is necessary to attend this event in person.

If you have any problems or queries, please get in touch with the organising team at Acoustofluidics2024@dysoninstitute.ac.uk

In person registrations have now closed, if you wish to watch online you can find the stream below.